Sunflower 2530

Sunflower 2530 for sale at Sorum Tractor Co., Inc.

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Sunflower 2530 for sale at Sorum Tractor Co., Inc.




The frame is constructed of strong 4 x 4 inch steel tube and has the strength to meet the demands of tough tillage. The structural integrity of the tool will be maintained for the life of the tool.


The tongue is a welded A-Frame design is available in level lift for all sizes, or with the floating-hitch option for tool configurations thirty-one feet or larger.

Standard equipment includes a category five hitch (2” pin hole), screw type jack, hydraulic hose loom with storage for the 7-pin electrical, and the operator’s manual.


The 2500 Series features two different shank assemblies in 12 or 15 inch shank spacing. The 650 pound point pressure shank is an extension spring with 32-inches of clearance.  The 1000 pound point pressure load shank (shown) is a compression spring on-edge with 30-inches of clearance. Both shanks available have 9-inches of vertical travel to clear obstructions.


7/8 x 2 x 19-1/2 inch

Right or Left concave
1/2 x 3 inch spikes 

Single Point Depth Control

The front mounted single point depth control sets the operating depth of the entire machine with a single simple adjustment. The shank is made of 1-1/4 x 2-inch hot formed, spring steel for high strength and long life.

Wheels & Tires

Option: New or Used Tires

The 2500 Series chisel plow is equipped as standard equipment with walking tandem axles, 2-1/2-inch spindles, (4) 12R22.5 used truck tires or VF295/75R22.5 new tires, and 8 bolt hubs on all main frames and 9-foot and larger wing frames. The small wing frames are equipped with single 12R22.5 used truck tires or VF295/75R22.5 new tires and 8 bolt wheels.

Gauge Wheel (Level Lift)

The standard gauge wheel assemblies of tools with the “Level-Lift” hitch are 9.5L x 15 8-ply tires and six bolt wheels

Gauge Wheel (Floating Hitch)

The optional floating hitch pivots between the tractor and main frame allowing the unit to follow the contour of the ground. The front caster gauge wheels are mechanically synchronized to the main lift axle to maintain a level frame when the sweep depth is adjusted. The 2530 Series with a floating hitch features 31x13.5-12 ply tires with 6 bolt hubs on the stabilizer gauge wheels.


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