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The Hesston legacy of haying innovation continues with the 2900 Series. Advances include Sure-Trac crowned drive rollers, a dual-tube twine arm, and 3-ply WedgeGrip bale forming belts - all designed to ensure quality bales and longer service life.

Hesston 2900 Series high-capacity balers represent our very best in efficiency, reliability and convenience.

Comfort and ease of use are key in managing long days in the field. While Hesston 2900 series round balers are some of the simplest round balers to operate and maintain, we’ve included a number of features designed to enhance operator comfort and ease of use to ensure maximum productivity throughout your season.

  • Build a better bale

    Our Quad Cylinders System keeps belt tension consistent, even when ejecting bales - for better bale density and fewer belt problems

  • Rotor speedway

    Higher capacity, positive rotor feeding incorporates side augers to simplify the drive system and provide quieter, more dependable performance

  • Profiles in visibility

    The 2900's super-wide, low profile starts with a small-diameter pickup that sticks out further for improved visibility

  • Square your shoulders

    By packing the open-throat vertical chamber all the way to the edges, these balers deliver dense, square-shouldered bales

  • Quick service

    The one-piece service door makes it easy to access all major drive components for fast, convenient maintenance

  • Here's the kicker

    A simplified, positive hydraulic kicker ejects bales gently and puts them right where you want them

  • Drive on

    With only 5 chains and our exclusive reversible 540 or 1,000 gear box, this renowned drive system is simple and strong.

  • Go wide

    With a wide, low-profile pickup and centering augers, the 2900 Series tackles wide windrows with ease, while maximizing leaf retention

  • Easy as 1-2-3

    Hesston round balers offer an industry leading ground level mesh system. Reloads can be completed in less than 30 seconds and are as simple as inserting a fresh roll, tucking the mesh tail and then closing the mesh brake. Reloads can be easily completed by one person with no tools reducing down time. 

  • Smooth is fast

    Our industry exclusive rubber torsion axle takes the shock out of uneven field and road conditions allowing higher field speeds and improved comfort while roading. 

  • Automatic Baling

    The 2900 series offers an industry exclusive auto cycle configuration. The baler is equipped with on board hydraulics to control the baler from wrapping through ejection. Perfect for inexperienced operators or those looking for the ultimate in ease of use. 

  • Monitor your progress

    The ISO-compliant C1000 monitor gives you real-time, advanced monitoring and baler control 


Model 2956 & 2956A
Size 5' x 6'
Bale Size 61.5" x 72.0"
Bale Weight lbs (kg) 2200 (998)
Minimum PTO hp Requirements 70
Recommended PTO hp Requirements 90
  • Brand NewHolland
  • brand farmking
  • brand greatplains
  • brand haybuster
  • brand hesston
  • brand hustler
  • brand landpride
  • brand masseyferguson
  • Brand NewHollandCE
  • brand rhinoag
  • brand schmeiser
  • brand sunflower
  • brand woods