Farm King 1460 for sale at Sorum Tractor Co., Inc.

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Farm King 1460 for sale at Sorum Tractor Co., Inc.



Crop Clearance
The Farm King Fertilizer Applicators provide application flexibility with an excellent crop clearance. High crop clearance allows operators to apply timely and effective side dress applications to get the most from their yields.

Frame and Toolbar
The 1410 utilizes a robust 4 x 4 double mainframe with twin cylinder lift to increase reliability. Toolbars are available up to 27' and provide ample crop clearance. The 1410 offers superior ground speeds and improved penetration.

The 1460 uses a double 4" x 6" mainframe with twin cylinder toolbar lift. The ground contour following toolbar is equipped with hydraulic down pressure assist and wing gauge wheels to assure constant and consistent coulter penetration. The 1460 is available with toolbar widths up to 42.5' and provides ample crop clearance.

Custom Solution Tank
The 1000 U.S. gallon custom shaped tank on the 1410 allows for thorough cleanout a 4" deep box sump help reduce pump cavitation.

The 1600 U.S. gallon custom shaped tank on the 1460 allows for thorough cleanout a 8" deep box sump help reduce pump cavitation.


Model 1460
Tank size 1600 gallon
Stainless steel baffle
8" deep box sump
Coulters - 20" ripple, spring-cushioned
- Knives or injectors
- Hydraulic depth control assist
Tool bar - Available in 12/30"(11), 12/36"(11), 12/38"(11), 12/40"(11), 16/22"(15), 16/30"(15), 16/30"(17), 24/22"(23) widths - Twin cylinder height adjust - Double 4x6 Frame with 6° Down-Flex - Adjustable Gauge Wheels
Tire size 380(14.9)90R46
Wheel spacing 120" - 160" adjustable axle
Pumps - John Blue ground driven, twin piston pump
- Ace hydraulic centrifugal pump kit with Raven 450 controller
Ground clearance1 17"
Transport width1 16' 5
Transport height1 14'
Transport length1 23.4"
Empty tongue weight 2,500 lb
Empty Weight 10,920 lbs
Fresh water safety tank 9 gallon
Quick fill 3"
Available colors Red / Cream
Green / Cream
  • Brand NewHolland
  • brand farmking
  • brand greatplains
  • brand haybuster
  • brand hesston
  • brand hustler farm
  • brand hustler
  • brand landpride
  • brand masseyferguson
  • Brand NewHollandCE
  • brand rhinoag
  • brand schmeiser
  • brand sunflower
  • brand woods